Brand Shoot with Jennifer Scurfield

from lawyer to coach

The evening I took Jennifer’s headshots happened to coincide with an important Euro match being played by England, resulting in empty streets that provided a relaxed atmosphere for the shoot. With the added bonus of the most perfect golden hour of the year, everything fell into place for a great shoot.

Jennifer spent a long time working in law, but eventually decided to pursue a very different path. After retraining with the Coactive Training Institute, she became a practicing life and career coach.

In her own words, “I qualified as a solicitor in 2015 after years of long and expensive training. As the years went by, I realised that I was gradually moving away from who I was and wanted to be, due to the nature and pressures of the job and the realities of the corporate world. I started feeling anxious, lost, and overwhelmed, as if I had made the biggest irreversible mistake of my life.”

Surely, many of us can relate to some extent, right?

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