Brand Shoot With Richard Jones

A Voice for the Brave and the Bold

I am thrilled to present a selection of photos from Richard’s recent shoot. I’ve known Richard for some time now, so I was particularly delighted when he contacted me for a ‘Headshots With Heart’ session.

We aimed for a relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere while still ensuring the integration of vibrant, bold colors. Covent Garden, with its unique ambiance, certainly delivered.

Richard is a dedicated coach who empowers introverts to accomplish greater success, satisfaction, and visibility in their professions. He does so by imparting essential skills and boosting their confidence to create a meaningful impact.

A quote from his website reads:

“I assist individuals in identifying what truly matters to them by scrutinizing their values and clarifying their life’s purpose. Additionally, I guide them to unravel the narratives and experiences from their past that contribute to their unique perspectives and viewpoints.”

Exploring Covent Garden and being blessed with incredible weather made our photo session a fun-filled experience!

I genuinely relished the opportunity to work with Richard, a kind-hearted, passionate coach who excels at his craft. If you wish to connect with Richard and learn more about his work, you can find his contact information here.

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