The Future Self

Future Self

Painting a picture for the future

One of the reasons I believe we find the future so ominous is that we don’t know what will happen. Well, obviously, you might say, and yet even though this is a simple fact, we still can’t seem to let it go. The desire to try and predict outcomes with a large degree of certainty pretty much runs us daily and undoubtedly saturates a lot of thinking time.

That’s the nature of life. The double-edged reality of it is that we get to create our experiences to some degree, but we are also given (or subjected to, depending on your perspective) a whole slew of unpredictable things we had no idea was headed our way.

We can, however, gather resources to help steer us through troubling or challenging times.

This guided visualisation below is one such tool. Listening through will take you on an inner journey to meet your Future Self, in effect a very wise, very resourceful aspect of yourself.

setup and how to prepare

There isn’t much setup or preparation to do; find yourself a comfortable place to sit or lay down for the duration, somewhere you won’t be disturbed and have a pen and paper beside you to take some notes on what comes up for you.

The Future Self is a wonderful resource to call upon when looking for some centred clarity on making a decision or trying to work out a way forward when you have crossroads ahead. It’s also an excellent resource for finding a place of stillness within yourself when everyday life might be feeling tumultuous. Listen to the visualisation below.