Your story is the most magnetic and compelling resource you have as a Conscious Entrepreneur. A Story Portrait will put you on the map in a big, bold, beautiful way and give you the perfect platform to declare your vocation & purpose.

You've Got to Get Visible if You Want to be Found

As a Conscious Leader with a vision, you need to get seen, you are the face of your business. Visibility is necessary in order to draw in ideal clients and brilliant opportunities.

The problem is you don’t have great assets or consistent content to share, and so you remain hidden on Social Media and thus, don’t have the impact or traction you require to make your venture a success.

You cringe as you share another post on Instagram or Facebook with the same old headshots you had taken a few years back, you know that in your heart you’re not actually that person any more, so you shudder as you hit ‘Post’.

There are opportunities for collaboration, publicity, being a podcast guest, and so on passing you by because you just aren’t confident or comfortable sharing your brand collateral.

You know that if you had up to date, professional, photographs that supported your brand and clarity around the power in your own story, you’d go for it full-force! That’s the key, you just feel it in your bones!

It’s possible that you bit the bullet and had some new headshots done by a local photographer, but they just don’t capture your essence or energy, and that’s so important.

The photographer didn’t spend any time getting to know you so you couldn’t relax, and it shows. You resent paying this money on a series of images you know you won’t use, and that stings.

It may well feel vulnerable to share your standpoint, your thoughts and opinions and idea’s publicly, but you know you need to, this is what will rally your tribe, call in your clients.

If only you had some clarity around your motivations to lead this venture, you know that your story is rich and motivational, but what parts to share and what to leave out?

Maybe you signed up for storytelling courses or authentic marketing workshops but found them to be just formulas. They didn’t go deep enough, there wasn’t the personal support to help you recognise and own the hugely aspirational choice points in your life.

So you go on sharing content that feels generic, flat and non-specific, and you know that you really need to take a stand, to speak to where you’ve come from, to plant your flag and get visible if you really want to leave a legacy.

Become a Beacon of Possibility for Your Tribe

I have been a passionate people photographer and storyteller for over 13 years, and I blend these skills with my coaching to bring you the Story Portrait process. A journey that reveals and celebrates just how amazing you are, what you have overcome and pinpoints why you feel motivated to do the work you do.

We’ll dive deep into what has shaped you, everybody has lived a ‘Hero’s journey’, and everyone’s path and purpose are informed by that. My work is to help you recognise that and own it – because that will give you the confidence to shine like never before.

And what makes the Story Portrait photographs so beautiful, so powerful and so natural is this journey together. We’ll naturally encourage safety, trust, intimacy and connection throughout the Story Portrait process, which culminates in photographs that radiate ease and exude your true essence.

You’ll finish with a beautiful showcase Story Portrait that you will feel proud to share, a deep awareness and integration of your Hero’s journey and a collection of stunning photographs that you will want use at every available opportunity.

'Phil's mentoring to unfold my story, his guidance and his talent with the camera gave me huge confidence!'


How I Work

  • We begin with a 30-minute complimentary conversation to discuss the Story Portrait journey. If you're in, I'll send you a link to purchase and you'll get access to my calendar where you can schedule your first Mentoring session.
  • We start with a 1 hour Unfolding Session. I'll help you map the key points of your life story using Joseph Cambell's Hero's Journey. This will set you up with the specifics on what to write for your story.
  • Next, we have a 1 hour Value Proposition Session, we'll get to the nitty-gritty on the value you bring to your tribe and what makes you unique.
  • Once you've written your draft, I'll cast my eyes over it, edit and tighten if required and help you get the very best from your words.
  • We then plan and shoot your photographs, starting at your home and then, go outside. I'll spend the day with you capturing natural, evocative images that represent you who you truly are.
  • Finally, I curate and post produce the best photographs from our shoot which are yours to use as you wish and craft your words together with these images to make your Story Portrait.


What You Get

  • A set of professional portrait photographs you'll love, yours to distribute and promote yourself with however you wish, Social Media, Website etc.
  • A real confident understanding and appreciation for the life journey you have been on, what you have had to overcome and how this shapes the work you do today.
  • An almost ready-written "About-Me" page and bio, perfect content for your Website, Linkedin or to send to prospective partnerships - a cohesive story!
  • A feature piece you can point prospective clients to that continually works to reinforce trust with your tribe and inspire new prospects.
  • Your Story Portrait featured here on my site, with possibly hundreds of new visitors coming across you and contacting you directly via your Story Portrait.
  • Awareness of how to write inspiring copy and source stories from your own life - we love real stories!
  • Me personally Mentoring you 1-1 and sharing my experience.
  • Fresh energy, passion and direction.
  • The motivation to now be seen, take a stand and plant your flag.



Your investment for the full Story Portrait journey includes two x1 Hour Mentoring sessions with me, my eyes and expertise on your written story, a whole morning spent with you shooting your Photographs and a built, launched and promoted Story Portrait featured here on my site.


I am a professional certified coach and passionate photographer with over 13 years of real-world experience. 

My mission is to empower purpose-driven, conscious leaders to fully embrace their vision for change and share their story – the foundation for a powerful personal brand.

'This experience has been amazing. I completely underestimated the power of connecting with my story.'


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