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When you know your story you understand why you lead. When you share your story, you captivate your audience. 


So much of our story is unknown to us, or we make up that nobody wants to hear it, so we keep it to ourselves.

As a result, this leads to us fading into the background – just another name with just another business or service in an already noisy, confused world.

The Story Portrait is a personal journey that blends photography, coaching, story and self-discovery. 

What you take away from this experience is the internal clarity as to why you do the work you do and the confidence to share your mission.

Along with this a stock library of photographs representing you and your business process and a powerful photo story that you’ll be proud to share with prospective clients, friends, and colleagues.

visibility is vulnerable

I remember at the very beginning of my solopreneur journey 15 years ago, I struggled to know what to share and what to leave out in my marketing and social media. I sensed that in order for people to trust me, to do business with me, they had to get to know me.

But I’d be sharing other people’s quotes, vague ideas and watered down statements, rarely sharing my point of view and as a result, I was mostly ignored. I didn’t know what I should or shouldn’t be saying.

I’d read books on marketing and social media strategies, most felt generic and uninspired, everyone else seemed to be doing the same things to promote themselves and their business. Nothing felt stand-out or new.

I got some Headshots done by a local photographer, thinking that this would give me the collateral and confidence to get out there and be seen I thought, but all that I could see when I looked at the shots was awkwardness in my expression and they stayed on my hard drive.

It was painful, embarrassing, I’d given up a well paid job, with security and good reputation in the hopes of doing my own thing and I was exhausting myself, scatter-gunning energy and running out of savings. I pulled back, hid and I hoped…

just showing up is half the battle

What I didn’t grasp was the fact that now, I was no longer part of the machine, through stepping out to go it alone, I’d become a leader, one with an opinion, a voice, a vision and a mission, and I now had a very specific tribe waiting for me to create for them, educate them, inform and inspire them. What I came to discover through experimentation was that when I shared something personal, something which I cared about or had personally experienced – people responded, and in a big way. ”Wow, I so relate, thank you!” “You’ve inspired me to make the move…” were a couple of standout comments. From this practice of ‘daring to share‘ I had inquiries, people reached out, they felt they could trust me, enough at least to have an initial conversation and inquiries turned into paid work and, momentum!

the golden thread running through it all is you

When we absolutely know in our bones that our offer or service is a good one, it lights us up, it feels purposeful. And I also get how being confused around what to share and how to share it feels vulnerable, so we play it safe and share little with real substance or story. This bounce back and forth between enthusiasm and frustration is exhausting.

Maybe you’ve thought about sharing aspects of your story, you sense that people buy from people first, but what exactly should you dig out?

It’s hard to find the relevance or see the wood for the trees after all it’s your life and you can’t step out of it objectively that and do your audience really care?

You yearn to approach that Podcast you enjoy to see if you could be a guest – it feels like the perfect fit, but your backstory and bio is all over the place, scrappy and desperately in need of some structure and your publicity shots just don’t feel like you so you let another possibility pass you by.

What’s needed is a clear understanding of your story, your purpose, the journey from the beginning through to now – the pivot points, the struggles, the people who inspired you, changed you, shaped you and how it all motivates you to do the work that you do today.

Knowing this ties everything together, the golden thread running through it all, couple this with a beautifully designed, showcase feature story with words and photographs that radiate your energy, and you’ll have no hesitation in getting visible.

the story portrait

A personal brand journey for entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders that combines photography, purpose coaching and story, giving you clarity on your vision and captivating your target audience. Here’s how it works…


We start with a 30-minute conversation to ensure that The Story Portrait is a great fit for you and discuss your needs.


I then coach & interview you via Zoom to unearth the key factors to your story & how it has shaped and motivated your work.

3 - the written words

I'll transcribe our coaching conversation, assemble and makes some edits pulling it all together.


We then plan the types of shots you want, what we need to capture to tell your business your story and bring out the best.


We'll shoot for 3 hours getting portraits, full body shots, environment & close-ups, making sure we cover the 'landscape' of your business and capture your energy.


I then curate and edit the very best selection of shots that tell your brand story and design and build your unique Photo Feature with your words & photos.


Once live, I'll coach you to ensure you get the very best from what you discovered along the way and how to utilise the power of your Story Portrait & brand assets.


because you are the face of your business

At the heart of every Story Portrait is the beautifully designed profile piece that captures your energy and tells your story in a compelling interview style. Because people buy from people first.

you've got to get visible if you want to be found



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Jess Ratcliffe, Founder.

This experience has been amazing. I completely underestimated the power of connecting with my story

Claire Mackinnon, Leadership Development.


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