If you're struggling to fully-form your big idea as a Conscious Entrepreneur it'll keep you stuck. You'll be reluctant to talk about the value you bring, because in reality you're not sure yourself. Through 1-1 Coaching & Mentoring we'll define your mission and craft an articulate and focussed personal brand that will act like a beacon for your dream clients.


As somebody who feels excited at the idea of doing their own thing and being their own boss, it can be a challenge to unravel all of your amazing ideas.

You know that you want to bring real value to the world, build an audience, change lives, delight and inspire, you have passion and ambition, but where to point your yourself?

You feel confused and frustrated by the many brilliant and innovative ideas swirling around your head – none of them wrong, but which one to pick and focus your effort on?

When friends ask ‘How’s the new venture?’ you feel defensive, you struggle to bottom-line, feeling as if you have to justify your choices.

Overthinking leads to sleepless nights, you know that now more than ever is the perfect time to get clear on your vision, to push forwards with something that fills you with a sense of purpose and achievement, while at the same time bringing real value to your clients.

But this added time urgency doesn’t help, the pressure to define and commit leads to avoidance, procrastination, and if you’re honest, fear.


It’s likely that you’ve signed up for expensive courses and workshops in the hope that you’ll get the clarity you seek. But you found them generic and impersonal; you have specific challenges relating to your situation that couldn’t be answered by watching videos or in a room full of people. So you leave feeling flat after having spent a lot of money.

You’ve maybe replicated others in a similar field who you saw were successfully marketing themselves and growing their following. Trying to emulate them feels awkward and inauthentic, and it falls flat. In your heart, you know that it has to come from your own voice, but how do you access that?

Because you were desperate to get unstuck and make some headway with your business, you waded through a sea of Life Coaches and hired one, but their approach wasn’t a great fit, it felt supportive in some ways, but they couldn’t act as a soundboard for your ideas, they didn’t bring mentoring or expertise to the mix.

The nagging inner critic may well be a constant companion: ‘You should give up on this nonsense, you’re confused, you’ll never make this a stable business!’

You read the latest books, listen to podcasts, trawl YouTube for answers, there’s a ton of great advice, but it just adds to the confusion, and you realise that in fact, there is no magic bullet out there.


As a Professional Coach and Mentor for Conscious Entrepreneurs, I will help you dig deep, clarify your motivations and focus that yearning you feel at the dream of having a successful business or leading a tranformative movement. 

We’ll define what your vision looks like, add structure, process and method to ensure that the path ahead makes sense and continues to fill you with inspiration and purpose.

Our coaching sessions will bring all of you into the mix, values, vision, natural impact, your leader within, tone of voice, yearning intelligence and much more, we are forming and articulating your personal brand.

Through awareness and practise of these qualities, you’ll feel confident in sharing your vision, and this, in turn, will call in the right clients for the right reasons.

Our sessions will include getting crystal clear on your target market or ‘Tribe.’ Those people who will LOVE what it is you are creating and embrace it with open arms, essential to making your business sustainable. And all the while we’re in partnership, I will be there by your virtual-side as a champion and sound-board – I don’t dissapear between sessions, often I’ll send clients WhatApp audio memos with ideas, reflections and useful resource.

Bottom line, this means that finally, you can point your energy and ambition at a deeply gratifying business, practice or movement, one that promises to delight, inspire, relieve or help a tribe of people you adore. What could be more gratifying than that?



When you love your niche you’ll establish credibility and lead from the front. Inspire people and be the go-to source in your specialist subject.


Embrace the pressing needs or desires of your people and blend this with your purpose to create a deeply fulfilling alchemy.


What you say and how you say it must sound like you. Fully embrace your unique personality to ensure trust, true Personal Brand.


A clear, consistent online presence using social channels that support your natural form of expression are essential to success.

'Phil has been an incredible support and mentor, helping me with my growth as a coach and Solopreneur.'

Jennifer Boon, Life Coach.


How It Works

  • We start with a complimentary 30-minute conversation & discuss your goals, I'll explain how I work and suggest how many sessions you'll likely need to achieve your goals.
  • I'll send you a link to purchase and we'll dive in. We start with an initial 6x 1 Hour Sessions, fortnightly over the course of 3 months - you can always add more should you need them.
  • I'll send you a diagnostic Google Doc form to complete (not nearly as tedious as it sounds!) This ensures I know lots about where you are now and specifically where you want to end up.
  • Then we coach and mentor 1-1, via Zoom, clarifying your mission and structuring your vision. I'll set you tasks and exercises to do as homework that will stretch you, grow you and build on your courage.
  • This results in solid, confident ownership of who you are as a Conscious Entrepreneur, ownership of the value you bring and clarity and awareness of your ideal target market.


What You Get

  • True clarity on your vision as a Conscious Entrepreneur.
  • Excellent knowledge of your target audience, what they need/love/desire and how you uniquely offer that.
  • Overcome the limiting inner voice that keeps you small and contained.
  • Become a beacon for the people who love what you do, naturally, resulting in clients you love.
  • Clarity on your personal brand tone of voice, personality and values.
  • Confidence to talk about what you do succinctly, online and off.
  • Formulas and structures to write brilliant copy.
  • Ease and relief as things fall into place.
  • My eyes on your content with suggestions.
  • Coaching tailored specifically to you.
  • 24/7 Support via WhatsApp voice memos .



Your investment for 1-1 Conscious Entrepreneur Coaching with me includes two x1 Hour Coaching calls per month, my eyes and expertise on your ideas as a soundboard, practical homework and accountability and 24/7 support via WhatsApp voice memos for the duration.


Great question! I am a professional certified coach and passionate photographer with over 13 years of real-world experience. My mission is to put you on the map as a Conscious Entrepreneur. You can do the work you love and grow a successful venture without burning out.

'Working with Phil has felt totally invigorating. This has been fundamental for me and my business development, I have complete focus and confidence in my mission!'

Nikki Armytage-Foy, Founder of Electric Woman.


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