If you're struggling to fully-form your big venture it'll keep you stuck. You'll be reluctant to talk about the value you bring, because in reality you're not sure yourself. Through Coaching we'll blend your skills, ideas and passions together to form a unique, hybrid offering that will act like a beacon for your dream clients.


As somebody who feels excited at the idea of doing their own thing and being their own boss, it can be a challenge to unravel all of your amazing ideas.

You know that you want to bring real value to the world, build an audience, change lives, delight and inspire, you have passion and ambition, but where to point your yourself?

You feel confused and frustrated by the many brilliant and innovative ideas swirling around your head – none of them wrong, but which one to pick and focus your effort on?

When friends ask ‘How’s the new venture?’ you feel defensive and you struggle to bottom-line, feeling as if you have to justify your choices.

Overthinking leads to sleepless nights, exhaustion and overwhelm, you sense that now more than ever in these turbulent times is actually the perfect opportunity to get clear on your mission and your business, to push forwards with something that fills you with a sense of purpose and achievement, that financially rewards you for doing what you adore and at the same time, delivering real value to your clients.

But the self-imposed pressure to define and commit leads to avoidance, procrastination, and if you’re really honest with yourself, fear.

join up all of the dots

You provide such a fabulous service, you have the gift of inspiration! I feel very grateful and consider you a great mentor in my life.

Clare Keany, Visibility Coach.

It’s likely that you’ve signed up for expensive courses and mastermind workshops in the hope that you’ll get the clarity you seek. But you found them generic and impersonal; you have specific challenges relating to your situation that couldn’t be answered simply by watching videos or in a room full of people. So you leave feeling flat after having spent a lot of money.

You’ve maybe replicated others in a similar field who you saw were successfully marketing themselves and growing their following. Trying to emulate them feels awkward and inauthentic, and it falls flat. In your heart, you know that it has to come from your own voice, but how do you access that? Who are YOU in all of this? 

Because you were desperate to get unstuck and make some headway with your business, you waded through a sea of Life Coaches and hired one, but their approach wasn’t a great fit, sure it felt supportive in some ways, but they didn’t go deep enough or couldn’t act as a soundboard for your ideas, it was all about the goals and achievement but in your heart, you seek knowing, clarity and ease.

The nagging inner critic may well be a constant companion: ‘You should give up on this nonsense, you’re confused, you’ll never make this a stable business!’

You read the latest books, listen to podcasts, trawl YouTube for answers, there’s a ton of great advice, but it just adds to the overwhelm, and you realise that in fact, there is no one magic bullet out there.


As a Professional Coach and Mentor for Creative Entrepreneurs, creators and founders, I will help you dig deep, clarify your motivations and pinpoint that yearning you feel at the thought of building something unique.

We can define what your business vision looks like, add structure, process and method to ensure that the path ahead makes sense and continues to inspire you.

We’ll ensure we include all of you in the mix, values, vision, natural impact, your inner leader, tone of voice, and much more in our coaching. Through awareness and practice of these qualities, you’ll feel confident in sharing your vision, and this, in turn, will call in the right customers.

Our mastermind sessions can include getting crystal clear on your target market or ‘tribe.’ Those people who will LOVE what it is you are creating for them and embrace it with open arms.

Bottom line, this means that finally, you can point your energy and ambition at a deeply gratifying business, one that promises to delight, inspire, relieve or help the tribe of people you adore. What could be better than that?

Here’s how it works…


x3, 1 hour Zoom sessions, SINGLE PAYMENT OF £495

If you’re stuck and want specific, expert help connecting the dots on brand, vision, mission, story, website or tribe and you just need clarity right now, this is for you. Each session followed up with recordings of our call and action points to keep you on track. It may well be all you need to find peace of mind and confidence in direction.

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Who are you really in all of this - beneath the surface? We'll discover your why and source from that core of wisdom and knowing.


Establish credibility and lead from the front. Inspire people and be the go-to source in your specialist subject.


Embrace the pressing needs & desires of your people and blend this with your purpose to create a deeply fulfilling alchemy.


Unfold and embrace your utterly unique Origin Story the motivation and the why behind what it is you feel called to do.


Define a clear, consistent rhythm of online presence via social media channels that support your natural form of expression.


Join up the dots and discover how your bespoke offering all hangs together - this realisation imbues you with confidence and ownership.



Or, if you’d like a 30 minute conversation to see if this is the best fit for you:


I am a professional certified coach and passionate photographer with over 14 years of real-world experience. My mission is to put you on the map as a Creative Entrepreneur. You can do the work you love and grow a successful venture.

Working with Phil has felt totally invigorating. This has been fundamental for me and my business development, I have complete focus and confidence in my mission!

Nikki Armytage-Foy, Founder of Electric Woman.