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Tools and Tips

Why Coaches Make the Best ChatGPT Prompt Writers

Powerful Questions. Have you ever wondered why certain prompts elicit particularly solid responses from ChatGPT and others, hmm, not so much? The secret isn’t solely in the quality of the questions asked but also in how they’re posed by the prompter. As coaches, we’ve put in the time and developed

Brand Shoot

Brand Shoot With Richard Jones

A Voice for the Brave and the Bold I am thrilled to present a selection of photos from Richard’s recent shoot. I’ve known Richard for some time now, so I was particularly delighted when he contacted me for a ‘Headshots With Heart’ session. We aimed for a relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere

Brand Shoot

Brand Shoot with Jennifer Scurfield

from lawyer to coach The evening I took Jennifer’s headshots happened to coincide with an important Euro match being played by England, resulting in empty streets that provided a relaxed atmosphere for the shoot. With the added bonus of the most perfect golden hour of the year, everything fell into

Brand Shoot

Brand Shoot With Franziska Birke

 I’m really excited to be sharing a recent Personal Brand shoot I did with the amazing Franziska Birke in Covent Garden. Franziska works with mum’s to help them find meaningful and flexible work that truly fires them up. A certified life and career coach with 10 years of combined experience,

Future Self
Tools and Tips

The Future Self

Painting a picture for the future One of the reasons I believe we find the future so ominous is that we don’t know what will happen. Well, obviously, you might say, and yet even though this is a simple fact, we still can’t seem to let it go. The desire