claire mackinnon

The story portrait - a Case study

What challenge or problem were you trying to solve before the Story Portrait? How was it affecting you?

“I had invested in professional photos previously, but I felt stiff and staged when I had them taken, and it showed! This was partly because I don’t enjoy having my photos taken and partly because the photographers were focused on taking photos rather than ‘getting’ me. The resulting photos contributed to an overall feeling for me of my brand not being authentic and was part of the reason I subconsciously shied away from marketing my services.”

Why did you choose the Story Portrait as the solution?

“I had seen Phil’s photography and knew that he would be able to help me feel relaxed and capture my essence. I also knew I had a story to tell, but doing so felt like a stretch. The thought of having Phil’s support with that, alongside the photos, helped me move past my fears. I chose Phil because I could see how he had done this with other entrepreneurs I admired, capturing their unique story and spirit in the photos he took.”

What did you discover along the way?

“I have discovered that my journey is at the heart of why I do the work I do. I knew this at some level before, but this process has connected me with that in a deeper way. I am discovering the power of showing up as I am right now and serving others. I also notice that as my journey continues, I am more able to take meaning from the challenges I face and use what I’m learning in my marketing and client-facing work. I am reminded that this is a never-ending journey.”

What benefits have you seen? How has this served your personal brand and your business?

“I am frequently contacted by people who have read my story portrait and are inspired by what I have shared. This has led to new connections, new clients and deeper connection with people I already know. I am more visible than I have ever been in terms of my marketing and frequently use the photographs on social media. I have seen my email list grow from 0 to 300 in 14 months, and this past year has been the most successful financially since I became a full-time professional coach.”