A Thinking Partner For Founders

As the visionary behind your company, staying aligned with the mission can be seriously challenging amidst the distractions of daily operations and the multitude of decisions. And that’s where I come in.

connecting the dots can be hard work

As a founder who feels excited about being their own boss, it can be a huge challenge to connect the dots.

You know you want to lead change and bring value to the world, build an audience, change lives, delight and inspire; you have passion and ambition as a leader, but where to point your energy?!

You feel confused and frustrated by the many innovative ideas swirling around your head – none of them wrong, but which ones to pick and focus your efforts on?

When friends ask, ‘How’s the business?’ you get defensive and struggle to bottom line; you feel like you need to justify this life choice and prove its worth.

Overthinking and worrying about where you’ll find clients leads to sleepless nights, followed closely by exhaustion and overwhelm.

You may be sensing that now more than ever in these turbulent times is actually the perfect moment to get focussed on your business, to push forwards with something that fills you with a sense of purpose and delivers fundamental transformation to your clients, giving them what they really want.

But the self-imposed pressure to be ultra-niche and show up consistently leads to procrastination because let’s face it, it’s vulnerable.

does this sound familiar?

It’s likely that you’ve signed up for expensive courses and workshops in the hope that you’ll get the clarity you seek.

But you found them generic and largely impersonal; you have specific challenges relating to your business and brand that couldn’t be answered in a room full of people (or a Zoom webinar with a thousand faces!).

So you leave feeling flat and disappointed after spending a lot of time, effort and money.

You’ve maybe replicated other people who you thought were successful at growing their brand. But trying to emulate them feels awkward and inauthentic, and no surprise, it largely falls flat.

In your heart, you know that this has to come from your own voice, but how do you do that? Who are YOU, uniquely in all of this? Why does this work matter? Really?

Because you were desperate to get unstuck and make some headway, you waded through a sea of Life Coaches and hired one, but their approach wasn’t a great fit; sure it felt supportive, being asked, ‘What do you want and why does that matter?’ gets you some way along the road, but they couldn’t act as a soundboard for your ideas.

They weren’t mentors. This was all personal growth when you were seeking systems, clarity and a thinking partner.

Your inner critic may well be a constant companion: ‘You should give up on this nonsense; you’re confused, you’ll never make this a stable business!’

You read the suggested books, listen to podcasts, trawl YouTube for answers, there’s a ton of great advice, but that’s the main issue – the tsunami of advice layers on the overwhelm.

And breathe, you Can make this happen.

As a certified Coach and experienced mentor with 15 years under my belt, I will help you dig deep and clarify your motivations to build an impactful coaching practice.

We will define what your business vision looks like, add structure, process and method to ensure that the path ahead makes sense and continues to inspire both you and your audience!

We’ll ensure we include all of you in the mix, values, vision, story, and much more. Through awareness and real-world practice, you’ll feel confident in sharing your vision publicly, and this, in turn, will call in the right clients.

The Purposeful Practice mastermind sessions include getting crystal clear on your target market. Those people who will LOVE what it is you are creating for them and embrace it, seeing it as the solution to the issues they battle with.

Bottom line, this means that finally, you can point your energy at a coaching business that promises to inspire, support and transform your tribe.

What could be better than that?


How It Works


What You Get


A blend of coaching & mentoring, 7x 1 hour Sessions via GoogleMeet + recordings of the calls, Accountability and homework between sessions to forward the actions and deepen the learning. Choose this option if you want coaching, mentoring and a thinking partner to help you untangle ideas, connect the dots, and get you and your business moving forwards.


A blend of coaching & mentoring, 13x 1 hour Sessions via GoogleMeet + recordings of the calls, Accountability and homework between sessions to forward the actions and deepen the learning, up to 30 Minutes of my eyes on your content each month plus video feedback in the form of screen recordings

‘Office Hours’ 9.30 am-5pm instant messaging and VM’s through a secure, encrypted app
. If you want to achieve more, go deeper into specifics or additional areas, instigate momentum, adopt positive personal habits and awareness and establish your business brand, 6 months gives us the time and space to do that. This option Includes my digital course, Land the Clients You Love (worth £379).



We start with diving deep into defining who the people are that you are called to work with and where they feel stuck and overwhelmed.

what do they crave?

Next, we go further into understanding their desires, their language and what they have tried before that hasn't worked.


What specifically makes you and your offer unique? We'll craft this into a compelling package that speaks volumes.


We'll make sure everything you offer on your website is clear, niche and ultra-specific, all ready for your tribe to buy when they come across you.


Define a clear, consistent voice and online presence via social media channels that supports your natural form of expression.

Integration & open questions

We'll look at all that we've done, address questions and explore how you can grow and evolve from here on out.

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Working with Phil has felt totally invigorating. This has been fundamental for me and my business development, I have complete focus and confidence in my mission!

Nikki Armytage-Foy, Founder of Electric Woman.

Why Me?

I am a professional certified coach (CPCC, PCC) and passionate people photographer with over 15 years of real-world experience. My mission is to put you on the map as confident coach, change-maker and practice owner.