photography for coaches & FOUNDERS

the difference is connection

A set of photographs that capture your passion and portray your energy as an founder, elevating you, your brand and your business.

As a coach and founder you need a set of striking photographs that work hard for your personal brand. You know you don’t want the traditional done-to-death headshots; they feel unremarkable; you want pictures that ooze character.

But where to find someone who can deliver?

You’ve Googled ‘Headshots in London’ and uncovered a slew of photographers – all willing to do the job but they all look the same – staged and generic. You’re better than that.

And maybe, putting yourself voluntarily in front of a camera doesn’t feel comfortable at all; we’ve all been subjected to the overzealous amateur with the brand new camera – ‘That’s it, smile, not like that, like you mean it!’. Emotionally scaring. I get it.

It’s vulnerable being photographed at the best of times.

What stings is that all the while you hesitate in getting these shots done, you’re invisible as a coach. A decent set of images will skyrocket your confidence and, subsequently, your brand visibility.

Phil is simply amazing at making you feel at ease. His calm, fun and friendly approach will make you step into your power and show the real you. Not only do his photos speak for themselves in terms of his talent but you will also have a fantastic time posing for them!

Jennifer Scurfield, Career Coach.

Brilliant photographs tell your story; they light up, intrigue and inspire the viewer; they incite trust and the coaching dynamic is all based on trust. When we feel your authenticity shining through; we always want to know more.

These personal brand photos will be promoting you and your practice, speaking on your behalf for a good many months—visually signposting people towards your coaching business, don’t settle.

I’ve been a coach and people photographer for over 15 years, and I like to think I really get this stuff; your mission matters and if I can support you in showing up and getting visible, I am living my mission.

I blend my hybrid of skills and experience to ensure that the end results honestly represent you. When we shoot, I look for those magical moments usually reserved for close friends and those we trust, moments that naturally reveal themselves when we feel safe and not judged. These are the keepers and the shots I’ll create with you.

How it Works:

planning & discovery call

We discuss the look, feel, style & energy you want to represent in your photographs & discuss the London location.

the photo shoot

We'll meet in London and shoot at multiple locations in the same region, headshots and full body.

pick of the best

I'll curate a diverse set of the very best photos from the shoot, shots that shine with your personality - naturally.

perfectly post-produced

I then bring out the very best from your photographs giving each a subtle and complimentary light-touch edit.

hi-res & web ready

You'll get both print-ready & Social Media-friendly versions of your photos. Good to go with zero faff, all hosted on your own private webpage.

TWO week turnaround

I'll have your photographs with you in two weeks. So you can get busy with self-promoting your coach business, fast and I'll give you a shout out on my socials too.


Headshots With Heart

your investment - £395

Looking for eye-catching photos that showcase your authentic self and make you stand out from the crowd on social media? Look no further.

My 1.5-hour photo session takes place in Central London, either in Southbank, Covent Garden, or your London workspace, and includes up to two outfit changes.

After just two weeks, you’ll receive a private gallery of 20 post-produced images in high resolution that you’ll be thrilled to share with the world. Don’t settle for mediocre – you are the face of your brand.


Half-day Brand Shoot

your investment - £695

A half-day brand shoot looks like this, first a 30-minute planning call to discuss the kinds of photography you need, then a 3-hour photoshoot at your home, work or London location such as Covent Garden, South Bank, Barbican etc. Half-day shoots include mid shots and full body portraits as well as headshots. 

Two weeks later, you’ll receive 75+ post-produced photographs that encapsulate your energy and exude your style and presence as a coach, delivered through a private gallery and there for you to promote yourself and your practice.


Full-day Brand Shoot

your investment - £1195

A full-day shoot of up to 6hrs of photography, we’ll cover whatever’s needed to tell the story of you and your brand, evocative portraits, you in action, your products, your surroundings.

We’ll plan for the day with a 30 minute Zoom to ensure you feel confident and ready.

Two weeks later you’ll receive 200+ hi-res and web ready shots from the day, post-produced and presented in a private gallery, a ready made stock image library for you to use to build your brand with confidence.

I was nervous when I enlisted Phil, I've never been comfortable having my photo taken - he brought a sense of reassurance which allowed me to be my true self. I needn't have worried!

Lucinda Davis, Life Coach.

Any Questions?

Generally yes, I know London well and love the diversity, colours and texture of the streets which provide non-intrusive backdrops to add depth, interest and character to your photos without distracting from you, the main event. Should the weather turn awful, I’ll have a few options for public indoor spaces that will work perfectly.

Most of my Personal Brand Shoots are in and around London. I know the area very well so can ensure we have some great backgrounds to play with. I am happy to travel further afield; it would however incur travel expenses – very happy to discuss.

No problem at all, the weather in England as we know is very changeable and so if we get to the day of our shoot and it’s not ideal conditions, we can reschedule. I’m very flexible with this.

Yes, your business requires great photographs so that you can promote yourself and be found by your prospective clients.

Yes, this is a good call when you are a craftsperson or maker particularly; we can get some great situational photos of you doing your thing!

You bet! I will shoot and provide a mixture of Portrait and Landscape orientation photographs. Magazines and online publications LOVE landscape format as it works so well with their layout and formatting, we’ll make sure you have that base covered.

Absolutely, our safety is my primary concern. I will ensure that we meet outside and maintain a safe distance at all times. I also have some pretty beautiful lenses that go in nice and close so we don’t lose the intimacy or detail, and, I am double jabbed.

I blend my skills of being a personal coach myself for 15 years, I ensure I create a safe and non-judgemental space for our work together – this means you’ll feel at ease and comfortable from the get-go.