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I came to coaching through a desire to have better quality conversations. What doesn’t start with a conversation? As a child, I was also fascinated by adults – their decision-making, behaviour, and their impact on them and those around them. I still am. 

In some ways, I was operating as a coach since as early as I can remember – curious, full of questions, reflective, provocative, playful and dissatisfied with status quos that wasn’t working for people.

I graduated with a triple-degree from the UK, Germany and France, where I read law, economics and business management, and hold an MBA from Barcelona.

Before becoming a leadership and team coach, I first journeyed over 20 years in people management, Human Resources, M&A and Organisational Development. I did this in a multitude of contexts – mainly in Europe and partly in the Americas and always working across the regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. I also travelled extensively in Latin America.

I have worked in both the private & not-for-profit sectors; start-up, scale-up & large matrix organisations. Before becoming an entrepreneur, I was the Global Head of HR & Development at Puma Energy International, which grew exponentially. While there, I led the HR function and HR due diligence for M&A and integration along with greenfield investment for growth. I have breadth and depth in all areas of HR practices.

Brought up by a single mother who was a mature student in Sociology and active in advocating for peace, the environment, and women’s rights, she was doubtless influential in forging strong values for personal responsibility towards the collective good.


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I remain passionate about unlocking conversations that generate insight and positive impact. What I want is healthier societies with greater inclusivity and participation.

The workplace is an opportune playground for building those relational skills and competencies to create healthier relationships with self and others. Power and how it is used is a source of fascination.

I am committed to raising awareness about what we choose so we make conscious decisions that serve us collectively. 

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