I partner with people to awake their warrior spirit, to claim their voice and actions in the world. I’m committed to reducing unnecessary pain wherever I see and feel it, either through coaching or via supporting social change-makers around the world to action it in their own communities.

I get excited by the prospect of exploring together the re-discovered self

People trust the space we purposely co-create together and they find the courage to be themselves, relieving the need to apologise or change or modify themselves to comply with external standards, should or must be/do, cultural or perceived demands. I get excited by the prospect of exploring together the re-discovered self with new eyes. Brushing off the judgments, the unnecessary self-imposed limitation and looking at the raw brilliance of what has always been there. Brilliance that has been buried under beliefs taken for granted for a long time, possibly never challenged.

People feel comfortable and safe to unapologetically share what they really want and dream for themselves. As painful as it can be, I witness people claiming back the courage to face uneasy conversations.

This gives them freedom and fresh air to breathe in. I witness the cheeky smiles popping up through the layers of sadness, restrictions, frustrations and resignation. Conformity and self-judgement are too tight to wear every single day, in the long run it leads to choking, rebellion or sadness and resignation.

My formative years were a struggle with a challenging family set up. My father was my hero, he had a huge heart, a lot of courage but a limited emotional language.

I am the youngest of 3 children and would find my safety, harmony and willingness to express courage outside of the family. I pursued demanding training as a ballerina every day and I always put huge attention on my education.

My favoured choice has always been to stay quiet, to mind my own business, to focus on doing the best I could. This behaviour didn’t save me from loneliness though or guilt but it eased it.

I was always intentionally busy as a child and constantly on the go with something occupying my time and pushing me to excellence.

The highlight was when my father was leading our family on adventurous holidays to wild and remote places. Despite being sick as a dog travelling in cars, I was at my happiest in those times…in nature, towards the unknown, free to create our day, never stopping until we had found a view worth the effort of a long, hard, journey. Nothing would stop my father from reaching the best spot he could find and this search for awe motivates me too these days.

Nothing stops me being the champion for people when I see the brilliance in them.

I’m ready to do all it takes and I’m fully committed to them. Growing up I learned to be courageous and to trust the outcome will be right, when it comes from my authentic self.

One fundamental piece was missing though… to connect the courage with my heart. Only later I learned how to keep my heart open and it made the whole world of difference to my impact.

Nothing stops me being the champion for people when I see the brilliance in them

I realised I needed to take a leap of faith, that playing on my own for a high standard was not enough and worse still…it prevented me from truly connecting with people.

Loneliness and guilt were my companions for a very long time and playing small was not helping or empowering anybody, let alone myself. I had a tendency to blame others or my background for my missing out on life.

I was playing the victim, surfing life without savouring the moment, the wind on my face or the salty water on my lips.

I began to believe that I didn’t need approval of others, or be at the top of my game to have the impact I wanted. I jumped into the dream of creating the life I wanted, and it worked.

The moment I started to believe in myself and share with others my full authentic self, with lightness and a bit of humour and cheekiness, everything changed.

I started to be more relaxed, appreciative, happy with myself and happy to be with others.

Life became simpler, easier, more real, it felt personal and accessible and much more fun!

I was playing the victim - surfing life without savouring the moment

Life felt so much less me and so much more of WE! The moment I didn’t defend or protect myself, I gave myself permission to embrace everything that was available since the very beginning.

I overcame the shame and I found true connection. I had to overcome the need to be approved, believing in myself without seeking the approval from others. This was a big one! Now it is so liberating and empowering.

I only just recently got a grip on the fact that no one truly knows the right way and we are all just taking the best guess based on what we know and our previous experience.

A fresh form of challenge was born out of my newly gained confidence: once you know what you want for yourself it can feel a bit ‘selfish”, the shadow of being at choice. It’s an intriguing balance to deal with this shadow when giving voice to the inner warrior is so much a part of my purpose.

I’m learning to accept, to be with, connect – there is so much power in slowing down and looking deep into what is present right now. To be in full power of myself and to be responsible for the outcome.

I know that brilliance has an impact and sometimes repercussions. I believe a choice made from an open heart always has the right to exist and the consequences can be dealt with and understood by people who love you.

We have the gift to live our truth and to do so, it’s crucial to surround ourselves with people who inspire and bring energy to our soul.

I’ve learned to meet people where they are and meet myself where I am. I recognise the doubts and the fears in other people’s eyes instead of my own projections.

The less of “me” has opened up so much lightness and freedom to express myself – I bring playfulness, depth, energy and funnily enough, the less I try, the more my fulfilled self gets expressed!

Because of my lighter grasp and deeper perspective on life, I now give myself permission to challenge people and nudge them towards the territory that they really want to explore.

I don’t encourage them to hang around in places that other people expect them to occupy.

I long to go where their whole body is alive, where sleep and rest is welcomed, where the ‘now’ and this moment is the seed of their purpose. I choose to be the safe container for them to witness their first steps. My energy inspires others to want more.

My eyes reflect their greatness like a mirror. Once people start to see themselves, there is no turning back. That’s who they are and they can’t un-see it, anything else would not do them justice!

I don’t have a strong relationship with any particular objects apart from two things: my passport and my sport shoes! Freedom and independence are my strongest values and being able to travel the world and keep myself fit are just non-negotiable!

My fondest memories and most empowering moments are all connected to being somewhere remote in the world where the Earth remains untouched and I have challenged myself to my extreme.

I treasure the feeling of digging-deep to uncover new, precious resources, the reward for this endeavour is a life of magical moments.

I know that my passion can be contagious and I love when I recognise it in somebody else’s eyes! They flicker with excitement and want more of the same! We know very little about who we really are, the meaning of life or how much time we have.

My deepest certainty is that in essence, we are energy. It might be called God, or nature, or simply the energy that attracts us to each other and who knows, we might get ‘renewed’ when this very physicality is over.

I encourage you to experiment with your own energy. There is so much untapped potential in you, so much power and possibility and so much fun to experience.

Our life-force resides in our body, in our mind, our heart and soul, it yearns for us to interact and play with others, the more we learn to expand into our full-selves, the more we create from who we have the capacity to be, the more we resonate with the life we’ve been given.

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