A THINKING PARTNER to get you back on track

As a founder, coach or purpose-driven small business owner you are the visionary behind your brand, staying aligned with the big mission can be seriously challenging amidst the distractions of daily operations pulling you left, right and centre and the multitude of decisions you need to make. Here’s where I can help.

Stuck? Confused?Too many options?

As a founder, coach or visionary behind your company, staying aligned with the overarching mission can be challenging amidst the distractions of daily operations and the multitude of decisions.

Navigating this territory is exhausting, like a never ending pursuit. You know you have the skills and the determination to make it work, but recently it’s felt confusing and overwhelming.

You’ve been at a loss for what to focus on first and what to prioritise. Trying to keep your head above water is hard enough, let alone trying to think about growing the company, approaching investors, or bringing on more staff. But you know, eventually, you’ll have to face these things, and that’s an ominous prospect.

You have a quick mind and so many ideas you find it hard to decide where to point your efforts and energy; you know you need to niche, but that’s a big decision.

On the one hand, you are excited at all the possibilities available, on the other, you fear that committing too much to the wrong direction could be an expensive mistake, so you procrastinate.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve invested in training, workshops, and courses on marketing, branding, start-up skills, leadership, or entrepreneurship, but they just felt formulaic and off the shelf – they failed to take all of you into the equation. How could they? This content is meant for the masses. Intuitively, you know that more ideas and information, even if beneficial, will not help you get unstuck or provide the clarity and relief you seek.

You’ve read a ton of the latest business-building, personal development and marketing books, and they’ve got you excited, but still, you can’t seem to find the time to prioritise or implement what you’ve read. Frustrating, right?

You may have worked with a coach long-term, and it’s been beneficial, but they can’t advise you. Actually, they weren’t specialists in branding, marketing, or building a business, and what you need right now is direction from someone who knows.

specific & actionable strategies - fast

You need a mentor who will listen to you and your unique situation, 1-1, uninterrupted. Someone who’ll help you formulate your thoughts and strategise your approach so that you can get clear, unstuck and back on track with your specific mission.

I’m Phil and I can help you get the answers you need around your business and your brand. When we work together I’ll help you unravel your ideas, connect the dots, shape, curate and focus your vision via my stand-alone 90-minute Mastermind Mentoring sessions tailored specifically to youFreeing you up to move forwards with your brand and business so that you can focus on doing the work you love to do. Here’s how it works…

90-min Mastermind sessions

1. 15 Min Assessment Call

Schedule a free 15 minute chat to discuss your current challenge and the aspects you'd like to focus on, let's make sure this is best fit for you.

2. Outline Your Issue

Complete a brief questionnaire to detail your challenge, what you'd like to focus on, what you've already tried and of course, your dream outcomes!

3. 90-Min Mastermind Session

Schedule a time that works for you and we'll spend 90-minutes deep-diving into your challenge, coming up with solutions, strategies & ways to move you forwards.

4. Summary & Action Plan

I then follow up with a recording of our call, a concise summary of key takeaways and action plan for you to follow and implement along with supportive tools.

Areas We Can Cover:

Mission & vision, amplifying and leveraging your brand, social media strategy, identifying your audience, communicating to them with authenticity, marketing your offer, nailing your niche, creating compelling packages and much more.

Working with Phil has felt totally invigorating. This has been fundamental for me and my business development, I have complete focus and confidence in my mission.

I'm Phil, thinking Partner & coach For Founders

As a certified Coach (CPCC, PCC) with over 15 years in the field, I will help you dig deep and clarify your mission. Whether you are looking to identify your niche and get real clarity around your offer and audience, work on your story, visual brand and social presence or looking for work/life balance and resilience strategies, I can help. 

I have helped hundreds of founders, coaches and small business owners in the tech, innovation and creative industries get clear on their ideas and turn their passion to profit.

 I am passionate about this, as it’s been my journey also. I was in the branding and web industry for 18+ years until I decided to pivot and follow my own path, and I don’t regret it for a second – nor should you. And unlike the usual long-term coaching engagement, I offer stand alone 90 minute Mastermind Sessions tailored specifically to your requirements. Read what previous clients have to say…