A thinking partNer for founders

supporting you to lead the mission that matters

My passion is to help founders who yearn to make a difference, clarify their vision, to get visible and grow. To land the clients they love and attract in the opportunities that set them on fire.

The whole experience felt like a connected, supported and creative journey with someone who really saw me. The end result when it was all pulled together was wonderful, emotional

Anita Patel, Creative Entrepreneur

My Approach

I have a passion for coaching and development. For the last 15 years I have brought clarity and focus to the ideas of founders – to help them tell their story in an authentic and thought provoking way and build a powerful personal brand that acts like a beacon for their tribe.

I do this by blending my passions for coaching, portrait photography, coach-mentoring and personal branding. This results in confident coach-entrepreneurs who are crystal clear in their direction, at ease with their visibility and working with the clients they love.

Why This Matters to Me

My former life was in the creative industry; I had been a graphic designer, web builder and branding consultant for over 18 years. For a while, everything felt fine – but just, fine.

When I reached the peak and became a Creative Director for our digital division of a large PR company, it came with a daunting realisation that had my stomach churning. I was never going to truly love this vocation, no matter how long I persisted with it, there was nowhere to go with it. Nor would I find any sense of meaning or purpose if I stayed here. The prevailing and perpetual thought was “Is this all there is? Does it not get any better?”

I sought out a coach, which at the time in 2008 was a very new and if I am honest a questionable profession, but that perspective soon shifted, and I felt the real value after just a few sessions. It became clear what I had to do. Re-boot, my life entirely.

I loved the possibilities that coaching opened up for me; it was like breathing fresh air. I felt alive, and at choice with ideas It was thrilling. I was so moved by the power of coaching, that I decided to retrain to become a one myself.

That was 15 years ago, and I don’t regret it for a second. Over the years of coaching and mentoring hundreds of individuals, I have evolved my offer to include my other passions, photography, filmmaking, storytelling, personal branding and marketing.

What Qualifies Me?

I was trained to coach by the Coactive Training Institute, the most highly regarded Coach training school in the world, who also published the bible on coaching skills which I highly recommed you pick up – I regularly lead webinars for CTI around marketing and building a personal brand as a coach and have thousands of hours of coaching, mentoring and facilitation experience in the field.

I am a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) with the International Coaching Federation and adhere to their guide of ethics. A passion of mine is supporting and mentoring coaches in training to hone their skills and technique as they work towards their professional accreditation, the ACC with the ICF.

I hold full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance with Simply Be.


I am a proud ‘multi-hyphenate’ and love to bring a hybrid of skills and experience to support my clients. I have been a passionate visual storyteller my whole life, whether that be through photography, film or writing, there’s no place I’d rather be than behind the lens, capturing the natural energy of a coach change-maker.

Check out a Podcast I was recently a guest on here a brilliant conversation with Ryan James for his We Won’t Die Wondering show, we talk purpose and the ‘yearning’ that exists in all of us. 

Phil Askew CPCC, PCC.

You nailed it! A powerful experience of letting go and letting the full expression of who I am come. It’s a cathartic process - the art of photography with coaching. You are a master in both and seeing my portrait is proof of it!

Vittoria Zipoli, Team Coach.