Brand Photography for Purpose-Driven People

Capture the essence of your brand and communicate your mission with captivating images that resonate with your audience. As a founder, coach or purpose-driven company, your brand image is a visual representation of your passion, mission and energy, make sure you’re telling the right story.

images that CALL OUT your character

As somebody who is doing great things in the world you need a set of striking photographs that work hard for your brand. You know you don’t want the traditional done-to-death headshots; they feel unremarkable; you want pictures that show your character.

But where do you find someone you can trust and who can deliver what you’re looking for?

You’ve Googled ‘Brand Photography’ and uncovered a slew of photographers – all willing to do the job but most seem to look the same, staged, posed and somewhat generic. Intuitively you know that you want images that stand out from the crowd not because they are wildly different or trying too hard, but because they ooze YOU.

And possibly, putting yourself voluntarily in front of a camera doesn’t feel comfortable at all; we’ve all been subjected to the overzealous amateur with the new camera. It’s vulnerable being photographed at the best of times.

But all the while you hesitate in getting these shots done, you’re brand suffers. A solid set of powerful photographs will both skyrocket your confidence and elevate your impact.

The benefits are big

Brand photography plays a vital role in creating an impression for any business and this is particulalry the case when you are the face of the business.

Great photographs showcase a brand’s personality and offer up a story in a visually engaging way. When we see a face we are much more likely to be drawn to the brand, we get curious as to the human behind it, we want to know their story, if that lands, we’ll be curious about their motivations and mission. In a sea of noise, it’s hard to draw attention without falling into the trap of shouting louder, but that’s exhausting and probably goes against the grain of who you are. Make yourself memorable for the right reasons.

And of course, Social Media loves content that draws eyes, so having a set of photographs you feel confident sharing on a regular basis will have the algorithms fall in love with you.

why trust me with your photography?

I’ve been a business coach for founders, a brand consultant and a passionate people photographer for over 15 years, and I like to think that I am really able to create a psychologically safe space where you feel you can show-up in front of the lens and have fun doing so!

This results in authentic photographs you look at and say ‘Wow, that’s me, you’ve actually caught me here!’ – I’ve been fortunately enough to have had multiple clients say this.

I bring my hybrid of skills and experience to ensure that the end results honestly represent you and truly portrays your brand identity – you want to tell a compelling and coherent visual story and I want to help you do that.

When we shoot, I look for those magical moments usually reserved for close friends and family, moments that naturally surface when we feel no judgement. These are the keepers and the images I’ll co-create with you.

Phil is simply amazing at having you feel at ease. His calm, fun and friendly approach will have you step into your power and reveal the authentic you!

Here's how it works

1. planning call

We discuss the look, feel, style & energy you want to represent in your photographs & discuss the London location.

2. the shoot

We'll meet in London and shoot at multiple locations in the same region, headshots and full body as discussed.

3. Pick of the Best

I'll curate a diverse set of the very best photos from the shoot, shots that shine with your personality - naturally.

4. perfectly post-produced

I then bring out the very best from your photographs giving each a subtle and complimentary light-touch edit.

5. hi-res & web ready

You'll get both print-ready & Social Media-friendly versions of your photos. Good to go with zero faff, all hosted in your own private gallery.

6. Two week turnaround

You'll have your photos in two weeks, so you can get busy with self-promotion, fast - I'll also give you a shout on my socials too.

Now Pick your package

Headshots with Heart

1.5-hour, outdoor photo session in Central London, Southbank, Shoreditch, Covent Garden, or Barbican. 25-30 fantastic headshots. Ideal if you just want a fresh set of brand headshots that will go to work elevating your mission. £495

half-day brand shoot

3-hour brand shoot experience at your home, work or London location. 80-100 portraits, full body and mid shots, varied backgrounds and locations two outfit changes, perfect assets for visually telling your brand story in a highly compelling way. £795

Full-Day Brand-Shoot

An all-day photo session at agreed location. Home, outdoors, work or London venues. Includes: 120-180 portraits, full body shots, group shots, details & close-ups, products etc. Cover the entire gamut of your business & brand story £1195

I was nervous when I enlisted Phil, I've never liked having my photo taken - he brought reassurance & calm which encouraged me to be my true self. I needn't have worried!