Two coaches living in England, who acted on their urge to launch a Podcast for men in the thick of the global 2020 pandemic. The intention is to create open and authentic, conversational shows exploring a wide range of topics from mental health and wellbeing through to purpose, mission and direction.

'Absolutely loved listening to this, hygge vibes, warmth, authenticity and gentle inspiration.'

S1, #8 How to listen well and ask powerful questions

In this episode recorded just before the Christmas break, Phil and Jamie share a methodology for listening that can literally transform conversations. They give demonstrations and outline exactly how to do it, even if you’ve never tried any coaching tools before. Give it a shot with your friends and family and see what happens with the quality of your communication!

Jamie and Phil were trained by the Co-active Training Institute and the tool they discus in today’s show features in their curriculum, if you want to be train to be a masterful coach, then CTI is the gold standard.

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S1, #7 What's Behind Procrastination?

In this episode, Jamie and Phil look at procrastination as a force of influence in their lives, how it shows up, what they do to push through and what might be the message behind it all.

S1, #6 Why Don't Men Talk?

In today’s episode, Jamie and Phil bring this age-old topic into the spotlight for a closer look. Exactly what is it that men struggle with when it comes to talking authentically? They offer up some tangible ways that we can encourage and support the men in our lives to dare to share more readily.

S1, #5 How To Handle The Onset Of Winter & Reflections On Lockdown 2

This week, Jamie and Phil reflect on the changing season, how to psychologically prepare for winter, and some great ways to reconnect to yourself in order to stay present, mentally strong and grounded.

S1, #4 How To Honour What Gives Us Joy, Right Now

In this show Phil and Jamie look at joy, exploring the struggles we often face in giving ourselves permission to experience joy. They then go on to offer up ways that you can act on what brings you alive right now, as opposed to waiting for the perfect day.

S1, #3 How To Handle Overwhelm In Difficult Times

In this episode, Phil and Jamie talk about overwhelm, describing how this powerful feeling can affect us and hijack our thinking. They also offer up some different ideas for you to try out that could help alleviate it in your own life.

S1, #2 Not The Year Anybody Imagined, 2020

Phil and Jamie explore how 2020 has been so far, what expectations they had at the beginning of the year and how things have subsequently transpired. Looking forwards, how can we approach 2021 with all that we’ve experienced?

S1, #1 Here's Where We Are Going - Meet Phil and Jamie

Join Phil and Jamie in this very first episode as they talk about their journey’s to becoming coaches, the life circumstances and critical events that coloured their interpretation of the world and what that meant for their futures.

We mentioned CTI in this episode, this was the school both Jamie and I did our professional Coach Training with, you can find them here.

'You are both so attuned to what others are feeling & dealing with, the shows resonate and stay with me.'